Q:What would you say to someone who is very sick or dying,how sure are you of the afterlife and what about those contemplating euthanasia? (Mayfly59)

A: Dear Mayfly,
First of all, congratulations on opening a can of worms. While my answer may not be pleasing to all I however will try to get off my fence as much as possible with the knowledge of my apparent responsibility here. At least I can promise you to be honest.

So, please kindly allow me to cover my backside first and tell you and everyone that here you will read my opinion which is by no means something that you should follow without a second opinion. I also want to point out that there are many others who have been duly educated or voted as authority legally, scientifically or by other official means in this field of moral dilemma and I am NOT one of them.
Now that we got my small print out of the way, let's talk.

Mayfly59. Sounds so.... romantically brave and accepting. I do not want to speculate why you chose the alias of an insect that only lives for 24 hours but lets say if I was told I am sick and my life would be different knowing it and feeling the pain I would want to know where I would be going. I am so sorry to tell you I don't know. I also don't know your faith or if you have any. I know that if you were a Buddhist and a strong believer reincarnation is your answer.
If you were Catholic and again a devoted one your question would be directed to a Catholic priest and you know what the answer is. And tell me if I am wrong but those answers would make you feel so good and without any responsibilities.
We were not human beings or honest to ourselves if we would never question boundaries, religion, laws and rights. I am not Catholic so I do not believe that euthanasia or suicide is a sin. Unfortunately most people who are "cursed" to question all are those who are thinking too much and tend to complicate things. If people would always accept things without questioning....go where they are told to go...believe what the majority believes. Hm...... It's not that simple is it?
I have never been so sick and in so much pain that I wanted to give up so my apologies to those who have and find my answer arrogant. I will not and cannot talk about my life but it is a possibility that there are people without a terminal illness or great pain who go through the dilemma often wheter to live or die. I have seen and felt and experienced enough to be satisfied that there are things within this world that do not qualify for a driver's licence and go bump in the night. I know that there are things that should be interpreted symbolically not literally and without a so called haunting being processed by a sensitive human's mind it is nothing more than bad smell, strange noise and decomposing. I think dear Mayfly it is up to you were you go. Yes, there are laws of physics, laws of parapsychology and laws for euthanasia.
All I know is that the reason we run this website is to know more. There is no answer where and how we end up after life only beliefs, only common sense, only folklore. No matter how much you study at university, no matter how many ghosts you claim you have seen or how much money you can make claiming you see dead people or cross over to the other world.
Now, please allow me to say something cruel. A word of caution:My personal opinion is that yes, there are people who are very sensitive to feel energies and entities or elementals that fuelled by it. There are special people whos senses are soooo fine tuned that they should be installed as instruments and are purely genuine and well meaning. These gifts can be inherited or cultivated over generations, a lifetime or suprise.....by a psychological trauma or terminal illness. The brain is an amazing instrument that can switch off hurt, pain (hint....hint....)create things we want etc. There are people who can genuinely do this.
Now... I have the fortune to be brought up as a Pagan and since childhood I have known some amazing folk who are lucky to live in this century or else they would be crispy critters by now due to their difference. Apart from your usual one or two oddball people majority of these folk are like anyone else, they don't go around dressed like teachers at Hogworts School of Wizardry nor they do magic tricks as pickup lines or party entertainment. I have been a lil around the world and I do not consider myself ill informed or even misled when it comes to the circle of people with gifts. Now.....none of them EVER claimed that they learned it in a seminar or can teach peeps how to "Cross over" or actually they never claimed that they "cross over" to the world of the dead. Maybe it is also the reason that they are not exactly filthy rich and do not consider their psychic abilities or sensitivity as a carrier choice. In fact some gifts bring on early maturity and a great amount of responsibility and sometimes a lil shyness around people who are less willing to make friends with those who go throught a few packs of lightbulbs per week.
I am sorry I dwelled so much into this topic....but I want you and all to understand what I am to say next. BEWARE all who claim they will tell you the answer and know what lies beyond. These answers will NOT come from someone with a PHD nor from the highest authority. It is your choice only. We can speculate that if those energies (or spirits if you wish) we have observed and encountered were so peaceful after death then why these energies carried so much grudge..sadness or anger and regret. I never heard of anyone who had a mission to throw away his/her life then report back with a definite yes or no and a detailed description of the afterlife.Lets stay true to myself and the common sense that our elders have and lets just say......if you have this life it is more important WHERE YOU ARE NOW while alive. No matter how we complicate life and romanticise about whats beyond the laws of life and Darwin would still apply to us here. Swim or sink. Hold onto it, fight and hope and as we say... the Gods favor the brave. There is so much misery in this world and so much joy. But remember it is what life is and what we make it. There is help available for pain, for fighting, for understanding and I cannot say for everyone what they should do but I know that people fight the odds every day somewhere in the world. I know that there are people who live out their lifes not knowing what it is to live in comfort or without pain and those who had it so well would give up their life because it took a turn to the worse. Pagans also believe a simple philosophy. The pagan rede says: Harm none do as you will. In other words.....what would it achieve to die? Would your loved ones see you every day as you are.... and you have a few more adventures....meet a few more people......cry a few times more...laugh a few more years.. or let you go not to see you again.
So here come the worms wriggling from the can: Yes I believe it should be a persons right to decide wheter to live or die....but I understand how a law that would allow euthanasia would also open a gate to those who benefit from it. Unfortunately I do not believe we are all good. Yes, we all have good or bad ..dark and light in us and we need both...like Yin and Yang.. like male and female or like day and night...without one or the other we would not survive. Night nurtures and hides, day gives us light and warmth. But it is the choice every person makes that matters and makes a difference between good and harmful and by golly......we are not that naive. If you read on in the FAQs earlier we talked about the vulnerability of a sick person...how negative energies attract more negative energies until we are down with negativity, depression and hopelessness. There can be rush decisions made or pushed onto a person and I am by no means a person with legal knowledge to even understand how this works. For a person to die with dignity I agree with and forgive me but I don't know if I would lift a finger to the world and would go pioneering into the world of dead and try reporting back about it.....or would fight. Hm.. I think I would fight.......
Light a white candle Mayfly and let some fresh air into your place. Then take a few deep breaths and remember noone knows for sure what is an afterlife and instead of trying to find the romantic side of it....see whats here. The Mayfly may be an insect that lives for a day only but what an eventful one day that is. Meanwhile, sorry but there are no guarantees. Not even on a nerdy paranormal site like this one. :)

Q:What sort of equipment is used in ghost hunting?

A: It depends on your budget and the way one would like to observe paranormal activity.
The most important thing is your senses. Smell, sight, touch, hearing and your instincts. There is no real experience without your own personal observations. Some of us are more sensitive than others.
Below is a list of equipment we use and also some optional gadgets.
  • Notebook
This is obvious, to record anything that you think is important, date, time, temperature, location,the way you feel, research and anything else found. Details that seem unimportant at the time can also explain a lot about the nature of the haunting later when you might have more information. Like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle it will serve you well to "complete the picture".
  • Flashlight
Most of the observation takes place at night. Yes, hauntings happen during the day too but most spiritual activity happen at night. It is also the time when we are more sensitive, our senses adjust to the dark and our hearing, sight and sense of smell peaks. At night some of the sounds are more audible without noise pollution and can observe a haunting without the energies of others being around. Flashlights are handy so you don't trip over anything.
  • Watch
To make note of the time and duration of the haunting. We use a swiss "Windmaster" that is an altitude meter, thermometer. barometer, wind speed and direction meter, hydrometer, watch and timer in one. We will explain later what these other observations are for.
  • Blacklight
This is an optional forensic tool, we use the UV scanner to detect anything on a surface that has been altered or stained. For example in one of our investigations we observed a room that was reputedly haunted by a man who accidentally shot himself. The original surface of the wall, the antique wardrobe and the wooden floorboard were cleaned and repainted. To validate this story we used the blacklight in the dark and what was invisible to the naked eye became clear under the UV light. In this case splatter marks on the floor, wall and the door and side of the wardrobe where the accident happened.
  • Infrared flashlight
Invisible to us, IR light is less intrusive but illuminates the area it is pointed at.
  • Night vision binoculars
To observe from a still position or afar without using a torch or other intrusive light source.
  • Spirit wind chime "ghost catcher"
These chimes are precision tuned and made sensitive to the slightest wind movement that is caused by hauntings. It has to be kept away from other wind sources such as front of open windows, doors etc. This equipment is not necessarily used as an alarm but to find out more about the nature of the haunting for creating a profile. As we said...little things can matter.
  • Small wind chimes
To indicate movement of a ghost or spirit, a number of these can be hanged around an area to be investigated and kept away from direct wind source.
  • Talcum powder
To detect footprints or hand prints. Yep, they can happen.
  • Thermal imaging scope
Ummm... these starting around A$12000 so we cannot say we have the luxury of having one but if you are deadly serious about ghost hunting (no punt intended) this is a gadget to behold. Practically this little toy can enable you to see the cold and hot spots that your thermometer indicates. This can also be used in search and rescue.
  • Thermometer
The best available on the market is a non contact IR thermometer with memory, alarm and a laser pointer. Originally an engineering tool these clever gadgets can measure temperatures between -20 and 500 degrees from a safe distance. You point the laser where you want the reading from and it enables you to save the data. It alerts you when the temperature changes.
  • Hydrometer
It enables you to see changes in humidity. Some hauntings but especially elemental activity can change the atmosphere or it only happens under certain conditions. Any instrument that records atmospheric changes such as temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity,air ion count or barometric pressure can make profiling easier by identifying the entity or the environment it thrives in.
  • EMF meter (Gauss meter)

An instrument to measure electro magnetic field, the type of energy accompanies paranormal activity. EMF is usually present when temperature drop is detected in the location observed and most commonly before or during manifestation. The reason for the temperature drop is the ghost's or spirit's need for energy that is now taken from the atmosphere.So instead of energy producing or keeping up heat around us it is "feeding" a haunting.
The best product to use is a "tri-field meter" that can also indicate other sources of EMF such us a leaking microwave oven or a computer monitor and narrowing the causes.
Of course a simple Gauss meter can be used accurately if you learn to identify or avoid other sources of EMF for example power lines, working mobile phones nearby, close proximity of other electrical equipment etc. We recommend to practice by taking readings near these other sources at the scene of investigation and see under neutral conditions what distance you have to keep without your reading being affected.
Below is a table of different Gauss readings as recorded in the US in 1997. This serves as an indication only about how other equipment can affect a reading.

MILLIGAUSS (mG) at 1 foot at 3 feet

Aquarium pump 0.35-18.21 0.01-1.17

Band saw 0.51-14.24 0.05-0.75

Can opener 7.19-163.02 1.30-6.44

Clock 0.34-13.18 0.03-0.68

Clothes iron 1.66-2.93 0.25-0.37

Coffee machine 0.09-7.30 0-0.61

Computer monitor 0.20-134.7 0.01-9.37

Copier 0.05-18.38 0-2.39

Desktop light 32.81 1.21

Dishwasher 4.98-8.91 0.84-1.63

Drill press 0.21-33.33 0.03-8.35

Fax machine 0.16 0.03

Food processor 6.19 0.35

Garbage disposal 2.72-7.79 0.19-1.51

Microwave oven 0.59-54.33 0.11-4.66

Mixer 0.49-41.21 0.09-3.93

Portable heater 0.11-19.60 0-1.38

Printer 0.74-43.11 0.18-2.45

Portable fan 0.04-85.64 0.03-3.12

Radio 0.43-4.07 0.03-0.98

range 0.60-35.93 0.05-2.83

Refrigerator 0.12-2.99 0.01-0.60

Scanner 2.18-26.91 0.09-3.48

Sewing machine 3.79-7.70 0.35-0.45

Tape player 0.13-6.01 0.01-1.66

Television 1.80-12.99 0.07-1.11

Toaster 0.29-4.63 0.01-0.47

Vacuum cleaner 7.06-22.62 0.51-1.28

VCR 0.19-4.63 0.01-0.41

Vending machine 0.46-5.05 0.02-0.59

  • Voice activated digital voice recorder
This we usually set up in the area to be observed overnight and left undisturbed until the morning. It saves us from scanning through hours of useless silence or missing something in the background. We have to make sure there are no other sources of noise that can trigger the recording. You can also have some interesting "snore segments" recorded if staying in the same room where you set up the equipment and of course it can be even more fun if you talk in your sleep. On a more serious note, this equipment is used to collect EVP (electric voice phenomena) or any evidence such as footsteps, knocks or noise that cannot be caused by anyone or anything else. It is a good idea to invest in an EVP microphone that is super sensitive.
We also use the voice recorder sometimes when collecting folklore and interviewing locals. There are so many things you might find interesting later when listening to these but did not catch your attention at the time. We use a digital recorder that is USB compatible so we can transfer files from it onto the computer for analysis or storage.
  • EVP software
Highly recommend "Audacity" for analysing any EVP. It also has recording feature if you use a laptop and enables you to slow down speed up or edit any recordings or if you really game... play it backwards.
  • Digital camera
Minimum 4 MP resolution camera that can be used to take photos before during and after EMF reading while investigating an area. The higher the resolution the better the results are especially when you have to zoom into orbs and see wheter they are pollen, dust, moisture or light orbs or a "bona fide" genuine energy orb with nucleus or yep...sometimes a figure. A digital camera can also give you the great advantage of being able to store photos on the computer or making them available for research while in transit if you have a laptop.
  • Laptop computer
To have a "mobile lab" to analyze EVP, images etc. Also it can be used to hook up to overnight monitoring equipment such us IR cams or video cams, security monitoring etc. It can also enable you to do research on a new location, send or ask for information while gallivanting around the land of paranormal. Excellent if you are doing night "steak out" or away for a longer period.
  • Night vision digital camera
Sounds morbid but we opted for an IR (Infrared) 6MP camera that is originally designed for deer hunting at night. The principles are the same. Seek them out in the dark and record it.

  • Motion detect wireless IR night vision camera with recorder and receiver
This set up is your friend if you have a laptop computer and would love to have a good night sleep in a secure and safe area while monitoring a location for activity. Set up the camera or cameras and they will be activated upon movement while recording files (up to 10 seconds each) onto your SD card or internal memory. Our set up has two weatherproof IR cameras with 15 meters viewing range in the dark.
  • Compass
Not only showing directions for profiling but can also be used as a dowsing tool to detect activity.

  • Protection
Not only common sense and a great deal of respect but here we also have to mention some things that can be disputed by many as being effective or not. If you browse through this FAQ section you will find reference to the cross or other things that can keep you safe. One can argue as to what kind of protection works for each entity or event but the most important thing is what YOU believe in.
First of all we stay away if we feel vulnerable, sick, uneasy or scared (yep.. don't be surprised, sometimes fear is a healthy thing)
No matter how invincible you may feel you have to have something other than a car fueled and in a getaway position to back you up mentally and spiritually. I suggest you do a little research on this subject but personally in our travel we keep an amethyst, the cross, Christian literature(eg Bible or Roman Rituals) and old folk wisdom reference, smudge sticks and a good spirit with us.
We never take with us pictures of loved ones, untrained "bystanders", drugs or pregnant ladies, the sick or the very skeptic.We do not wear strong perfume if any at all, do not wear jewelery unless they are stones or significant to us. We do not eat or drink alcohol on location while investigating but trying to blend in as much as possible.

Q: What if a haunting is not around while someone investigating? Does it mean its not haunted?

A: Depends.... There are reasons at times that people can claim a house to be haunted
While most of the claims are genuine there are some who would exaggerate to boost tourism to a facility or to get a higher price for a house (yep...haunted houses are back in fashion)
Also we may come across a practical joker or two or they simply just mistaken.
However keep in mind that some hauntings are particular to certain phases of the moon, only happen at night, at certain dates or anniversaries of events or in the case of some ghostly "recordings" the energy simply fades away. Some people believe that dates such us Friday the 13th or blue moons would make a good date with a ghost or two, waiting for them to surely appear.
We have to separate some myths from folk knowledge and parapsychology, in this case Friday the 13th is more important to us than to spirits or ghostly events due to movies or superstition but it has no significant influence on energies. It is interesting however that Halloween (Samhain in pagan practice, All Hallows' Eve in Catholic festivals or the Day of the Dead in certain traditions) was chosen to be 31st October/1st November as they have observed unusually strong spirit and ghost activity on these days.
It is better to follow a Moon calendar to chose the right date. Spring and Autumn Equinox, Winter and Summer Solstice are special dates because of their influence on our surroundings , animals and of course energies.
There are also ways of "recharging" a haunting, be it by accident or purposely, although we strongly advice against the later. The laws of magic states that similar energies attract each other and since ghosts and spirits are energies it is possible that a certain smell, similar event, music, a particular person's presence that has similar energies to those departed, an item belonging to them being displayed or present, them being remembered or mentioned regularly or simply going through the same emotions as they did can feed a haunting with new energies. There is also something interesting about a place being renovated where the haunting used to be that can cause an increased activity. In the case of elementals and certain spirits disturbing of the landscape can have consequences. Such beliefs are found in the traditions of the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs, Australian Aboriginal culture etc.
Of course this works the other way around and sometimes there is something about the people visiting the place than can cause ghosts and spirits to be avoiding the place for the occasion.
It is useful to keep a diary of events recording everything you feel, see or hear and eyewitnesses are always handy although we understand that in cases they are hard to find.

Q: How do I know my house is haunted?

A: There are different signs that can indicate that your house is haunted.
Of course any of these can be caused by other reasons. Before you declare your house haunted make sure that you rule out any possible rational explanation for these signs. Some of these can be caused by an electrical fault, hallucinations due to drugs or the like, exhaustion,mental distress, an onset of mental illness,a very overactive imagination due to someone alerting you to the haunted nature of the house, a family of possums, rats or other creatures, a cat that takes a liking to your roof cavity, pigeons on the roof and many many more. Below is a guide only and these (depending the length, nature and severity of hauntings) can be different to each individual experiencing it.
All these signs can be observed or felt without any instruments.

Common evidence:
  • Auditory: Hearing of strange noises from afar, rustling, phantom footsteps, soft music etc.
  • Psychic alert: The feeling of being watched, or not being alone, of being followed, the strange feeling of someone sharing your bed etc. There are also individuals who can be physically sensitive to a paranormal presence. At the Fremantle prison in WA (now can be toured as a museum strictly with guides) many babies "throw up" or start crying while tagging along as their parents visit the place. Or one of us for example has the lil "gift" of having a cold chill climbing up the passage of the nose, and the tightening of the base of the nose just between the two eyebrows. From experience we learned that is not always the indication of a very friendly presence.)
  • Strange animal behavior: Cats are especially sensitive to energies and in haunted locations observed to be avoiding a certain place or other times staring or hissing at it. Dogs may bark or growl at an"invisible intruder" and at times horses refuse to enter at locations.
  • Dreams :Reoccurring dreams or vivid dreams with sometimes a peculiar smell accompanying it.
  • Mild Psycho kinetic Phenomena : Doors or cabinets or draws opening and closing without any physical reason
  • "Borrowing" Phenomena: items that you are sure you left at one location cannot be found then "reappearing", or being placed at different locations
  • Mild olfactory Phenomena: A certain stubborn smell peculiar to a location that does not want to go away or a smell of something alien to your household faintly appearing then disappearing
  • Mild tactile: Feelings of being faintly touched, "brushed by", a breeze without no reason, certain "cold spots" in the house where temperature drops slightly at times.
  • Visual: Seeing faint shadows from the corner of your eye moving around
  • Electrical disturbance: Often light globes blowing or light flickering, or electrical items malfunctioning, computer monitors crackling or slightly flickering.
  • Psychological: without any reason you at times feel depressed or acting out of character though there is no distress or reason behind it. These feelings usually occur at times some other phenomena present.

Stronger evidence:
  • Severe Auditory :Unexplainable thumps, knocks and strong determined footsteps, cries, hearing doors slam, people talking, giggles, music, or (this one gives anyone the goosebumps) someone calling your name
  • Severe Psycho kinetic Phenomena :Actually seeing doors closing and/or opening, curtains moving though there is no window open,items shaking, etc. electrical gadgets eg. toys starting to run or operate, television or radio turning on on their own lights seen being turned on and off
  • Severe Tactile phenomena: Actual feeling of being touched or held, pushed or in most severe cases assaulted, the feeling of a severe temperature drop often with visible exhaled breath
  • Severe Psycho kinetic phenomena: Doors slam violently, furniture or dishes move around, levitating items, writings or marks appearing on walls or surfaces, footprints appearing
  • Severe olfactory Phenomena: A definite alien smell to you or to the area, eg. a perfume that noone you know uses yet it appears at the time any of the other phenomena occurs, other smell can also be of tobacco smoke, decay, coffee, a severe BO that was an unpleasant "mark " of a passed away person, smoke, burning material, and the possibilities are almost limitless.
  • Visual : Fog appearing and moving around, a ghostly shade or shadow appearing and often moving, orbs or lights seen "dancing around" without any other light source, a hazy shape of a person seen, or a full blown apparition of a person or animal appearing that can at times resemble a flesh and blood individual.
  • Witnesses:Any of the above events have been witnessed by a "skeptic" or a child claims to have seen someone or even communicated with someone in the house without you disclosing any of your experiences or feelings regarding the events. Even more chilling is the time when they actually point at the location while you experience any of these phenomena.
  • Severe Psychological: Acting out of character or angry or devastated as if taking on the mood or distress of the person responsible for the haunting. The strange and sometimes frightening feeling of selecting people such as visitors to the house or residents or worse, family members who you think should not be around as the "house would not like their presence" and acting distant, suspicious or even hostile towards them.In severe cases this feeling can be backed up by certain hostile events happening around them only as if trying to "chase them away". Sadly at this point it is possible that some Psycho kinetic events are happening when you are around and it can be devastating both to you and to loved ones to think that you act as an "extension" of the haunting or the house and that your anger or bad mood can cause things moving around.Constant fear or onset of more severe depression. The strong feeling that despite you are a "person of reason" you meant to "guard" the house. The strange acquiring of some psychic abilities or skills that you did not possess before events started. The strong feeling of being "drained" at times or waking up exhausted. The feeling that you are being "abandoned" by people who would not understand these events taking place.
At this point I would like to reassure you that it is NEVER too late to ask for help and that some of the events described here are not that common. Yet I am sure that if you go through some of these severe psychological effects you are not the only one experiencing them. Most hauntings are harmless recordings of energies played back to us and if we believe in ghosts then we should know the approximate "dead to living ratio" and of course the dead is always greater. Most of us can live or have been living unknowingly in harmony with the paranormal and this guide is only an example of events from the mildest to the most extreme.

Q:What is the difference between a ghost as you call it and a spirit or a demon and an elemental?

A: A Ghost is like an "imprint" of an event, a person, an animal or a place (including objects) that are no longer in the material world.
Everything that is around has an energy and sometimes a certain event, stress, trauma or other factors can amplify that energy and it can stay around in a place for many a year even centuries. For example a person who takes the same path to work doing the same "ritualistic" moves for a long time (eg. a night watchman walking down the street closing and opening doors always at the same time) can be seen or felt walking around at the same time doing the same moves in the same area.A battle field is the most common example where centuries after confrontation battle cries can be heard, people charging and moaning just like a record replaying events as they were when the most amount of energy (no greater energy than pain and dying and passion) was released. These ghosts are not out there to make contact with the living and most of the time they are not even aware of any presence and harmless. These recordings or imprints if you wish can fade away in time and there is nothing to be alarmed of. It's like watching a mirage or other natural events that people and science more readily recognize than hauntings. Not everyone can witness such phenomena and perhaps the reason most of us are scared of it is because we know so little of them nor we were taught the difference between these and other less friendly entities. In this age of science and reasoning we can still not deny or "extinguish" other events just because we cannot explain them.( Noone told that to a ghost anyway.) Like anything these ghosts comprise of energy and taken that away or replacing it with newer or stronger ones (eg. another event at the same place) can make them fade or entirely disappear.
A spirit is however a very strong energy or spiritual or subconscious existence of a person that is passed away. Unlike the ghostly imprints these spirits don't always "attach" themselves or exist in one area only. There are times they can or trying to communicate with the living and respond accordingly. There can be many types of spirits and just like the human nature they are very complex. They could have an unfinished business, they could try to seek justice or even unaware that they are dead. One of the most common of these is the last visit of a relative or loved one at the time of or shortly after their death or regular visit of someone close at the time of need or to warn of upcoming events. However again, we strongly advice against trying to communicate with spirits as unless you know what you are doing and exactly what you are dealing with you can invite a great deal of trouble (and at times even if you know what you are dealing with)
An elemental is something more open to imagination. Every tradition and folk magic from ancient cultures to modern Animalism and Neo-Paganism has them, call them different names and summon or keep them away with a wide variety of rituals. But they all agree on one thing, they are there and only those highly trained should address them, only a handful special if that can have power over them and that they should be respected or entirely be left undisturbed. They are lesser nature spirits who not unlike humans have personalities but not a "soul" as such.( Old folktales say that some elementals are envious of humans and want to obtain a part of their life. In the case of an "incubus" they can obtain their own soul by sleeping with a mortal female and in the form of the fruit of that unnatural union, a newborn child. So that is the folk tale. )Some folklore consider elves, gnomes, mermaids elementals as well but we have nothing to worry about those on this website.
Elementals like to attach themselves to human energies and can be seen or sensed in a person's aura by those who sensitive to it.
Some are mischievous and some can cause trouble and series of bad luck or tragedies and illness. They can appear alluring at times granting the host special psychic abilities then play nasty lil tricks and mind games or frighten a human. Just like anything that feeds on energy elementals are searching for similar energies in a host or for those who are vulnerable to psychic attack.( eg. sick, very frightened, ridden with guilt or complexes, depressed, an addict, those who believe that "lil people" are sent by their enemies to harm them, though this last comment can be interpreted in two ways)
And as for demons....They are again, nature spirits with a predatory nature to live off human energies like a parasite almost always causing havoc. Many a civilisation believed that they can attack humans through the mouth, hence the origin of the tradition of covering your mouth when yawning. And that's all I have to say about THAT. And I am content

Q:Does the cross work against ghosts?

A: Now, that's an interesting question we have heard many times. First of all let me ask you a question as well:
If the cross and Christianity was the "cure all" for all "spooks" and hauntings then why churches, cemeteries, chapels (and for example Australia's only monastic town, New Norcia with Benedictine monks as residents) have been reported as a common site for paranormal activity . They all display the cross, they all have clergy regularly visiting it or living around, they all a place of deep meditation or prayers for many devoted and well wishing folk.
Without explaining too much about parapsychology when we talk about paranormal we describe a certain type of energy. If everything was as simple as black and white or good and evil life and afterlife would indeed be like a comic book. But it isn't.
Before Christianity there were other religions and there are still a great deal many. That's why researching folklore is so interesting. A long time ago people would be scared of the idea of a round world until they found out it is round after all. Same with religion and belief, presuming that one religion would "fix" all paranormal activities would be underestimating the works of shamans, medicine men, elders etc.
Talking about energies, the rules of "magic" says that whatever you reflect you will attract.
If you are really expecting bad things happening to you then chances are....they will happen.
For a cross to be able to work it has to be used by someone of great faith and an extreme knowledge of what he is dealing with. Also it is that energy that an entity has to recognize in order to cleanse something restless or less friendly. You can make a home or place friendlier by many ways. Chinese use "Feng Shui"
pagans "smudge" or "sweep" away bad energies, Catholics swing the "censers" , Buddhists meditate or chant, Zulus dance it away, Islam uses the cleansing power of fire....the list goes on and on.
So in a nutshell: Make yourself and your loved ones safe and comfortable by feeling well and confident, by showing respect when due and establishing your own boundaries in your life and in your home. If to achieve that a cross helps you then be it. If it's needed get someone who is well trained to deal with the situation.

Q:Are you one of those with crystal balls dressed in black seeing dead people?

A: No, we don't run a traveling circus nor we run around advertising if we see one or two (dead people).
We don't do this for financial gain, attention or medical reasons. We are also a lil too old to dress as goths or bogans, anyway we don't think his clothes make a man (or woman) anyway.
We do not belong to any particular religious group though as I said one of us is a born pagan and the other a born Christian. But as with everything, wearing black clothes and donning chunky religious icons is not necessary to prove one's faith it's like me presuming that a devote Christian would carry a huge cross around his neck and dress in white. We both wear hats though. 'Cause we can :]

Q:Why shouldn't I use a Ouija board to find out who is haunting my place?

A: We very strongly advise AGAINST the use of Ouija boards or any other divination aids.
There is an old folk wisdom that refers to this and it says that when you light a candle it won't just give you light but will attract the moths.
First of all despite calling ourselves "Ghost Hunters" the best description would be more like "Paranormal Observers and Folklore Collectors". There is nothing "Hunt" like when you deal with the dead. I suggest the out most respect and caution. If you believe in ghosts and spirits you should not challenge or disturb something that you do not fully comprehend for the sake of a thrill.
Secondly an inexperienced (after decades of observing we are still learning) person is an open target for other less friendly entities who ( just like the moths with the candle) would respond to the energies of the Ouija board operator or any curious bystander. Imagine living in a large city (presuming we believe that there are more dead and spiritual beings than living it is a fair example) and to find a person you would post a sign on your door saying "C ome in, you are all welcome" It would be naive to say the least to think that someone wouldn't come in and cause damage. Some elementals and spirits especially demons can be deceitful and searching for a "host" or energies they can feed on. First they can appear very friendly or alluring. (eg. answering questions or granting special skills and energies then causing havoc.)

Q: What do I have to do to ask for your assistance to investigate my place?

A: First I suggest that you post your experience without any names or location address on our Noticeboard. You can find this site by following the link on your right side here. At occasions you will find that there could be a harmless and logical explanation to events. We will answer at the first convenient time and may ask to email us where we can exchange more details. If you are sure and genuinely need help you can send us an email to agidrew@bigpond.com.au We will reply as soon as possible.
We do not charge for advice or investigation nor we give out confidential details without permission of individuals involved. Please consider that we both have "daytime jobs" and that at the moment we travel to Western Australia only. In any case we will assist you with contacts, advice and if you live in WA an investigation is possible on location.